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“What is Good Art?” Dinner Continues Conversation After Dorm Painting Removal

Published By Duke Arts
Published on: October 27, 2019

This panel discussion takes up the conversation of "What makes good art?" following the removal of a painting by popular demand in a residence hall earlier this semester.

Dinner & Discussion

Earlier this fall, an article (“After Student Complaints, Administrators Remove ‘unsettling’ Painting in Keohane“) in The Chronicle told of student requests to remove a graffiti-style painting from their residence hall.

“It’s just not the sort of relaxing, colorful painting I was expecting to see on a college dorm hallway, and it’s a frightening scene to see late at night,” Mees wrote in an email. “In a high-stress environment like Duke, I’d expect to go home and relax, which is hard when you see paintings like those around.”

Artist Joe Dobson, who created the work, acknowledged that the painting might make some people feel uneasy.

Who gets to decide what art is good, and what is the place of art in our communities? The Chronicle, Kenan Institute for Ethics, Duke Arts, Blue Ridge House Council, and Maxwell House are hosting “What is Good Art?” a dinner conversation to explore these topics and more.

“What is Good Art?”

Wed, Nov 6, 6pm

Keohane Atrium; dinner provided

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Join us for a panel conversation on what constitutes good art, art’s role in community life, and what belongs in a community (…including a residence hall). Moderated by Nathan Luzum and Carter Forinash (Duke Chronicle). Panelists include:

  • Bill Fick
  • Hoang Nguyen
  • Kat Wilson
  • Ashleigh Smith
  • Christian Ferney

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