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The Ruby is a catalyst for creativity and a home for making art at Duke.

Ruby Fridays Fall ’19 Season Announced

Published By Duke Arts
Published on: August 2, 2019

Drop by the Ruby on Fridays at noon for a casual art talk and free lunch to learn about the behind-the-scenes aspect of the creative process, careers in the arts, and more.

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About Ruby Fridays

Man speaking to a room full of people seated at round tables
Ruby Friday with faculty sculptor Stephen Hayes. All photos by Robert Zimmerman.

Ruby Fridays are casual art talks offered at noon most Fridays during the semester in the Rubenstein Arts Center’s Ruby Lounge. The series debuted in Fall 2108, and is back after a successful first year! Speakers include Duke faculty and students who are creating or exhibiting work in the Ruby, visiting artists from far and wide, and local creatives. Learn about the amazing art being created on Duke’s campus, the behind-the-scenes aspect of the creative process, careers in the arts, and more over a complimentary light lunch.

The Ruby Fridays Fall 2019 season presents speakers working in myriad disciplines—from fine art photography to the “art of mental health,” there’s something for everyone. Save a date that interests you now, and we’ll see you in the Ruby soon.

Fall '20 Schedule

Sep 6 | “A Talk About Turtles” with Daniel Aguilar Ruvalcaba

Artist Daniel Aguilar Ruvalcaba guides us through the relationship between economics, desire and contemporary art through the metaphor of a turtle.

Sep 13 | “queerXscape” with Sinan Goknur & Max Symuleski

Come for a behind-the-scenes look at “queerXscape,” a room size installation with projection and collage, juxtaposing images of nature, contemporary urban landscape and queer camp.

Sep 20 | “The Play Principle: Beyond Competition and Failure in Sports” with Janet O’Shea

This talk excerpts the key contributions that O’Shea makes in her new book: Risk, Failure Play: What Dance Reveals about Martial Arts Training (New York: Oxford U Press, 2018).

Sep 27 | “‘Not Fusion’: Indian Classical Music, The Blues, and Other Soundscapes” with Amit Chaudhuri

As remarked of Amit Chaudhuri’s project: ‘Whoever said Indian ragas and The Beach Boys can’t mix? Chaudhuri has fashioned a distinctive sound that resists easy definition.’

Oct 11 | “The Future of How We Work” with Andrea Lauer

Andrea Lauer, Chief Creative Officer of Risen from the Thread, a design-thinking and innovation agency, asks us to consider the possibility of a new career path paradigm, where work feels less like work and more like a quest for curiosity and purpose.

Oct 18 | “Twilight Photography” with Lynn Saville

Fine art photographer Lynn Saville will present her dynamic twilight photographs taken in American cities and rural environments.

Oct 25 | “Visiting Artist Brenda Goldstein”

Visual artist Brenda Goldstein will reflect on the artists and thinkers that inspire her and her transition from the moving image and installation to painting.

Nov 1 | “DEMAN Weekend Edition” with Valerie Hillings & Kristine Stiles

NCMA Director Valerie Hillings will be in conversation with AAHVS Professor Kristine Stiles to celebrate the start of the10th Annual Duke, Entertainment Media & Arts Network Weekend. Note: Space is limited. This event is first-come, first-served.

Nov 8 | “The Dancing Species: Human Bodily Movement and the Fate of the Earth” with Kimerer LaMothe

What if human beings evolved to dance? In her Ruby Friday talk, Kimerer LaMothe explores this question and its implications for addressing climate change.

Nov 15 | Independent Black Women Artists Panel

Dr. Mark Anthony Neal joins three creatives to discuss what it means to be an independent black female artist in the Triangle as part of a year-long celebration of the 50th anniversary of Duke’s Department of African & African American Studies.

Nov 22 | “Unraveling Ce Morceau de Tissu for 2 String Quartets” with the Ciompi Quartet

The Ciompi Quartet performs with The Lark Quartet and cellist Laura Sewell and invites Andrew Waggoner to discuss and provide insight into his work for 2 quartets, inspired by the Moroccan feminist writer Fatema Mernissi.

Dec 6 | “The Art of Mental Health” with Melissa Miller

Melissa Miller and a panel of artists will discuss The Art of Mental Health, an exhibit that highlights mental health and wellness, with a specific focus on leveraging strengths, sources of resilience, and cultivating emotional well-being.

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