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The Ruby is a catalyst for creativity and a home for making art at Duke.

Duke's first arts-focused lab

Makerspace Staff Hours

Sun–Fri, 12–8pm

Check current schedule (labeled “CoLab Studio-Central”)

The Badger-Mars Visual Arts Wing at the Ruby is designed for hands-on art making, no matter how messy. It features a makerspace on the first floor operated by Duke’s Innovation Co-Lab with fifteen Ultimaker 3D printers, a Trotec Speedy 400 laser cutter, a panel saw, and hand tools. By rolling up a large garage door, this art-focused workshop can transform the Ruby’s courtyard into a workyard. Duke students, faculty, and staff can access the makerspace anytime, and the lab will be staffed 2–8pm Sundays through Fridays. To learn how to access Duke’s 3D printers, visit the Co-Lab Studio website and scroll down to “Cloud Service Printing.”

Next to the makerspace is one of the building’s six multipurpose studios—a highly flexible space outfitted with a theater-style lighting grid that can host installations, performances, or student-group rehearsals.

Makerspace: 134

Multipurpose (General): 131

A crowd of students and alumni stand around tables and 3D printers listening to four panelists talk.
Students and alumni gather in the makerspace for a talk on Creativity and Tech during DEMAN Weekend 2018. Photo by Ivy Shi.

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