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Date & Time
September 14, 2021October 17, 2021
The Murthy Agora (Studio 129) at the Rubenstein Arts Center
2020 Campus Dr
Durham, NC 27708 United States

Sinewaves in the Triangle is an immersive multimedia installation that uses technology to express the artistic mind and the creative process to illicit an emotional and physical reaction in the viewer. Using material from his United Arts Council Grant, composer and conceptualist Christopher Scully-Thurston joins scenographer Austin F. Powers and cinema choreographer Jennifer Scully-Thurston to use techniques drawn from technology to glimpse inside the mind and creative spirit. The intention is to attempt and execute new artistic methods.

About the Artists

Christopher Scully-Thurston is an audio artist, composer, performer and conceptualist. He creates and performs as HyMettus Woods. Recently, he had tracks featured in Aerial Festival’s Da-Dark Outside international broadcast and a feature in the compilation Isolation and Rejection v3, released by Front & Follow in Manchester, UK. HyMettus Woods has released three albums: SoundtracksBits & Bobs, and Ambs & Weights; including more tracks from Da-Dark Outside broadcasts in the UK.

Additional scores include Jennifer Scully-Thurston’s “After the Reign,” which received Best Performance Art laurels from the prestigious Avalonia Festival. The sci-fi dance film “Seuls Ensemble (Alone Together)” was selected for American Dance Festival’s Movies by Movers. And “After the Reign – Confusion” was featured in Depict Film Festival 2019 in Bristol, UK. Currently they are working on her film “The Quiet Contrivance.” Christopher Scully-Thurston is pleased to be employed by Duke in Venue and Production Management.

Austin F Powers ’15 is a scenographer. Without his friendship, expertise, and help, “Sinewaves in the Triangle” would not have happened like it has. He is also employed by Duke in Venue and Production Management.

Jennifer Scully-Thurston is a Dance Film choreographer and cinematographer. She created the FilmFest by Rogue Dancer in 2019. Her imagination has captured the images that the music reacts to.

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