Duke independent Film Festival (DIFF) is Duke’s only annual film festival, entirely organized and populated by Duke students. Come see the best filmmakers and storytellers on Duke’s campus in two separate programs of adventurous and eclectic programming.

[Program Two will be screened on April 13th, 2019.]

Friday Schedule:

35mm Film, Quinten Sansosti

A Love Letter to Heavenly Buffaloes, Ben Saalfeld

Marshmallow Wilderness, Iliana Sun

Forging the Future, James Robinson

The D-Team, Sam Klein

Gran’s Tea, Olivia Hicks

Late Night Library: the sounds of “silence”, Aaron Zhao

The Dankery, Dillon Leovic

Parallel,  Emma Bucklan

We See the Change: Louisiana, James Robinson

All Night Longer, Brett Lardaro

Revisited, Youlim Kim

A Tribute, Elizabeth Lee

Man., Olivia Hicks

The Bird Catchers, James Robinson

Killing Time, Sam Klein