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The Ruby is a catalyst for creativity and a new home for making art at Duke University.

Creative Arts Student Teams

Help us grow a culture for art at Duke and gain professional experience and behind-the-scenes access to the Rubenstein Arts Center!

This work opportunity serves the Ruby and arts initiatives across campus in way that empowers individual CASTs to “own” their projects, provides meaningful professional development opportunities in arts administration, and fosters a sense of community among the CAST class.

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We have hired our CASTs for Fall 2018–Spring 2019, but please fill out an application if you are interested in joining the team in Fall 2019 and/or Spring 2020!

Perks and Requirements

All CASTs will serve on an informal student steering committee for the Ruby. In addition to the roles below, CASTs may be called on to support special arts center programs, or participate in other opportunities to build awareness about the arts at Duke.

Commitment, Pay and Compensation

CAST members commit between 20 and 30 hours a semester, and schedules will vary between positions. In exchange for a semester-long commitment, CAST members are hired by the Office of the Vice Provost for the Arts (Duke Arts) and paid hourly ($10.00/hour). Commitment to both fall and spring semesters is preferred, if possible. Participation in CASTs may meet the internship requirements for the Museum Theory and Practice Concentration in AAHVS as well as Experiential Learning requirements in the I&E Certificate.

For questions about the CASTs program, please contact Bill Fick.

CAST Roles

CAST Captain

You will help the Office of the Vice Provost for the Arts team manage and develop the CAST program! As CAST Captain, we ask that you coordinate regular meetings with the CAST class to plan these events, check in about projects, and assist with one-time scheduling requests, etc. We ask that you attend weekly meetings in Smith on Monday mornings to inform the Office of the Vice Provost of the Arts on CAST updates. You will also be the lead in identifying and organizing supplemental opportunities for CASTs to learn and come together, such as field trips or other small programs.

Content Creator

You will help increase awareness of the arts at Duke by interviewing students, visiting artists, faculty members, staff, etc. about their role in the arts on campus, their careers, and more. You will poll your fellow students to “pitch” candidates for Q+A interviews, schedule interviews, take a portrait, and edit a transcript for final publication on and You may also work with the social media CAST team to ensure the interviews get posted on social.

Social Media Ambassador

Duke Arts has a robust social media family! There is @DukeArts IG, Facebook, and Twitter, @artstigators IG, Facebook, and Twitter, and @DEMAN Facebook. Using our social media goals and guidelines as your roadmap, you will be responsible for posting to these channels on a regular basis, and brainstorming ways to grow followers/engage with Duke and arts/culture social media influencers. You will also be responsible for monthly “artstigator takeovers,” where you will highlight a local artist for a week on social media.

DEMAN Program Assistant

Availability requirement: Must be available to help during DEMAN weekend, Nov 2-3.

You will assist with logistics and marketing for year-long DEMAN events, including DEMAN & Donuts and Guac & Talk (weekdays, evenings, on campus). You will also help coordinate and gather marketing information for the industry sessions for DEMAN Weekend 2018 (Nov 2-3) in the Ruby. You will also help grow the Studio Duke program by assisting in recruiting students and marketing strategy.

Ruby Ambassador

Availability requirement: Ideally you are available for Ruby Fridays (free arts talk and lunch, 12-1pm).  Please tell us your availability on Fridays when you apply.

Ruby Ambassadors will be responsible for leading 30-minute guided tours of the Ruby as requested (usually 5 times a semester and during DEMAN Weekend). You will memorize a walk-through tour script and be well-versed in answering questions about the arts at Duke. You will also assist with Ruby Fridays, our weekly lunchtime art talk. You will help us market the series to students through collaborating with other CASTs and reaching out to student groups. If you are available on Fridays, 12-1pm (preferred), you will help with onsite set up. You will also have the opportunity to help introduce guest speakers, assist with the question and answer session following the talk, and document the series (especially as an Instagram story). You will assist with marketing Ruby Fridays to student groups.

 Gallery and Arts Project Assistant

You are our hands-on assistant in transitioning the Ruby gallery, painting studio, and/or multipurpose rooms between exhibitions and residencies. You will also help with set-up for visual arts related events (openings, etc.), and provide assistance with installing exhibits or other arts projects. You will be the lead liaison in communicating with the organizer and hanging student exhibits in the Ruby Lounge.


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