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The Ruby is a catalyst for creativity and a home for making art at Duke.

The student team behind Duke Arts!

While the Creative Arts Student Team members all have their own role focus, first and foremost, the CAST are a TEAM!

CASTs will often work collaboratively in overlapping projects and share skill sets across their positions. The strength of the CAST program rests on how involved each CAST will be in helping to strengthen the arts community at Duke, whether it be through projects developed individually or through collaborating with their team members. To support the overall CAST cohort each team member is required to: (1) communicate on Slack, a team messaging platform, (2) lead at least two tours each semester through the Ruby, (3) attend a monthly CAST meeting at the beginning of each month, and (4) send a message by noon on Fridays with a quick update on project progress on Slack. All CASTs will serve on an informal student steering committee for the Ruby and the Duke Arts initiative. CASTs will also occasionally invited to help support Duke Arts events.

CAST Captain

1.5 year-long commitment preferred
The CAST Captain serves as the team leader for the CAST. As the CAST captain you will interface between Duke Arts staff and the CAST cohort, helping to develop the CAST scope of work for the academic year and manage fellow team members through their assigned projects. You are the lead in ensuring CASTs stay on top of their projects (as well as some administrative responsibilities like reminding students to turn in timecards). You are invited to participate in weekly Duke Arts meetings and will help shape the CAST program as it continues to grow, manage any shared CAST projects, and continually advocate that the student perspective is kept top of mind as arts programs are developed and marketed. The CAST captain can also help to develop creative projects with other team members at their discretion.

General tasks:

  • Managing project/content timelines and schedules for the CAST team
  • Administrative responsibilities: reminding CAST about deadlines, handling email and Slack communication, scheduling meetings
  • Attending various arts-related meetings with staff
  • Helping CAST members create project timelines
  • Develop the annual CAST directory (see example here), which positions CAST members as resources for current and prospective arts interested students
  • Assist with recruiting new CAST members in the spring and recruiting and training next CAST Captain

Preferred Skillsets and Background:

  • Prior executive position with a Duke student organization or comparable administrative experience
    Competent organizational abilities
  • Strong arts interest/background/experience either on or off campus

Storyteller & Content Creator*

As a content creator for the CASTS, you will help increase arts awareness and exposure at Duke by interviewing students, visiting artists, community members, and other individuals engaged in the arts to demonstrate the breadth of opportunities and inspiring pathways into creative fields. You will be responsible for pitching and completing 2 online feature stories each semester. You’ll receive training on successful interview techniques, record your conversation and submit it for transcription, edit the conversation into a draft for approval by Duke Arts and the interviewee. You’ll also prepare the piece for publication by laying it out on online (WordPress), collecting supporting images, and taking portraits of your interviewees as needed. You will work cross-functionally with the social media CASTs to ensure interviews are posted on social media. We are also looking for content creators to invite a variety of student artists and organizations to contribute to the new weekly Duke Arts newsletter.

General tasks:

  • Interviewing subjects and attending events to write stories
  • Pitching and completing (from idea to final online piece) at least two stories a semester
  • Willingness to learn work-place communication tools like Slack
  • Willingness to learn WordPress

Preferred Skillsets and Background:

  • Comfortable with interviews
  • Experience or awareness of art and cultural events on and off campus
  • Prior experience on arts group on or off campus
  • Ability to manage self-directed schedule

*With your application, please send one or two hypothetical story pitches you think would be good for the coming semester. Pitches can just consist of a short paragraph of three sentences. (1) what the story is about. (2) who you might need to talk to. (3) why it would be interesting

Social Media Brand Ambassador

As the Social Media Brand Ambassador for Duke Arts, your role will be to help manage, engage and grow the Duke Arts social media presence. Using Duke Arts social media goals and guidelines as a roadmap, you will be responsible for posting to assigned channels on a regular basis and updating analytics monthly analytics reports. You will also be encouraged to pitch new ideas for campaigns that engage and/or grow followers, and collaborate with campus social media influencers (like @dukestudents). The social media ambassador should have an ear for arts happenings on and off campus, always be on the eye for worthy content to reshare, and be diligent in utilizing all features of social media to engage the community. In this role, you also have the opportunity to advise Duke staff members on social media best practices.

General Tasks:

  • Posting regularly on social media
  • Scouring content from different Duke-related social media accounts
  • Engaging followers through comments and IG stories
  • Collaborating with different CAST team members to continually improve social strategy/find engaging content to share
  • Willingness to learn work-place communication tools like SLACK
  • Willingness to take initiatives and create engaging social media strategy

Preferred Skill Sets and Background:

  • Experience using Instagram, Twitter, Facebook
  • Demonstrated interest in how online engagement can further broader goals
  • Some experience with content creation tools like Canva
  • Some social media experience in prior student groups
  • Photography experience and willingness to attend events to ‘cover’ them on social preferred

DEMAN Program Assistant**

As the DEMAN (Duke Entertainment, Media & Arts Network) Program Assistant, you will help with logistics, marketing and content creation for year-round events, including DEMAN Live (Zoom series), DukeCreate & DEMAN Live (Zoom series), DEMAN & Donuts, and Guac & Talks (weekdays, evenings, on campus). You will help to coordinate and gather marketing information for the industry sessions for DEMAN Weekend in the Ruby. You will also help grow the StudioDuke program by assisting in recruiting students and marketing strategy. This role is excellent for any students looking to grow their experience in marketing, programming and working across varying sides of large and small scale program development or are interested in various careers in creative industries.

General Tasks:

  • Attend the majority of DEMAN events (DEMAN Live, Guac & Talks / DEMAN & Donuts)
  • Create marketing materials for all DEMAN-related events and StudioDuke
  • Update DEMAN Lounge website and social; upload Zooms to Duke Arts YouTube
  • Conduct and post interviews with alumni (Who is DEMAN series on DEMAN Lounge)
  • Brainstorm new ways to expand the DEMAN audience (Duke Arts partnerships, e-newsletter, multimedia)
  • Manage event schedules, timelines for DEMAN and StudioDuke
  • Willingness to learn work-place communication tools like Slack and collaborate with Duke Arts team

Preferred Skill Sets and Background:

  • Have held an executive position in a duke student group/organization
  • Familiar with managing schedules and events
  • Confident in emailing and networking abilities
  • Web, design and social media skills/willingness to learn

Collaboration Ambassador

We are currently developing this new position. Job description coming soon!

Tune into events & opportunities!

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